Sunday, April 23, 2006

Best Picture, 2007.

It's a sure thing.


  1. I'm here through BOTB... though I saw your comment on IT2M about Burger Boy! :) I totally agree! Easy! Just like the one you got going now!

    PS. I always vote for you!

  2. May I steal this?

    Actually, I already have.


  3. Tracy: I just decided that you are my new best friend. I now have a BOTB claque--how cool is that? Can world domination (a la Dooce) be far behind?

    Sarah: Steal away. Unlike many forwarded email thingies I get from my in-laws, Don Knotts playing Dubya totally cracked me up. (Actually, Don Knotts would crack me up if he was reading the telephone book.)

  4. LOL! Your new best friend? Sweet! Glad to be helpful! You've never battled any of my friends so it's never been an issue as to who to vote for, and well, I really like your blog, so I always vote for you! It's a great blog. Writing, layout, I love it!

    Have a great day! My 20 second wait is long over now for voting! :)


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