Monday, April 17, 2006

It's Easter Monday. It's Tax Day.

But most important, it's my son's birthday.

Weirdly enough, it was Easter Monday and tax day the day he was born.

Eleven years ago today, just before noon, my doctor removed what sounded like an angry tomcat from my lower abdomen.

Now, this was after 56 hours of labor, and I was kind of messed up on Demoral. But I remember thinking he was pretty special.

I was right. Happy birthday, boy!


  1. Happy birthday to young Jam Master P! From the mom of his evil Texas birthday twin +/- 1 year.

  2. Happy Birthday - Big 10 if my figuring is right.
    Hope your day is special!

  3. Happy Birthday to the boy! Make your mom and dad buy you lots of stuff!

  4. Happy birthday to Poppy's sprout! You sure picked an entertaining mom!

  5. Happy Birthday, Boy!

    If we had a daughter, we would have her marry you, which would make the whole dowry thing a wash.


  6. Happy Birthday from Canada!

    (Your handsomeness has impressed people internationally!)


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