Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday 13; or, What do I look like, a rabbit or something?

Whoops, I think I linked to peanutmomof4's site by mistake. I only meant to leave a comment, but I guess I signed up for the Thursday 13 meme, instead.

So I guess that means I have to leave a list of thirteen things about me.

I'm too grumpy and hungry to think of thirteen nice things. So I'll post a list of 13 crappy things I have to do today:

1. Eat something. Then make the beds.
2. Empty the dishwasher.
3. Track down some rsvps.
4. Rsvp for a cocktail party.
5. Eat something. Hungry! My laptop is starting to look tasty.
6. Do laundry. And put the clean clothes away.
7. Give myself a half-way decent blow-out so my hair won't look idiotic tomorrow.
8. Mail five packages. I'm selling my books on If you have an apparently bottomless appetite for film studies or fashion, check it out. See how much money I waste on books? That I never read?
9. Go for a walk. (I'll try a combo--and walk to the P.O. Call me a miracle of efficiency.)
10. Get clothes ready for a board meeting I have to go to tomorrow.
11. Go to grocery store and buy vegetables.
12. Figure out what happened to the vegetables we had.
13. Accept blame for hoovering down every tomato, cucumber, and bit of broccoli in the house.


  1. Sorry you have so many crappy things to do. LOL!

    My T13 is up.

  2. I too have clean clothes away...what a pain!!!

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. It's so easy to fold them and pile them up on the dining room table. Can't everyone just go there and pick up their clean clothes?


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