Saturday, May 06, 2006

The 12 woes of Poppy

Sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas:

For the seven days of last week, my evil fate brought me:

12 errands running
11 meals a-cooking
10 fingers typing
9 loads of laundry
8 lengthy car trips
7 stressful days
6 hours sleep
5 strong drinks
4 days of singing
3 art songs
2 cor-sages
a pair of whi-ite cotton gloves.


  1. I totally sang this out loud, belting the "five strooooong drinks" line. Whew.

    Yeah, nobody else is home right now.

  2. (giggling helplessly at kathy)

    So, Poppy, you have the corsages and the white cotton gloves, and now you're making up songs -

    are you going on tour?

  3. Well, I hear you're having a nice weekend.


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