Friday, May 26, 2006

In which I channel Blackbird

Where to begin?

We met for coffee almost two weeks ago. How can I describe it? You're dying to know.

First, what does Blackbird look like? I'm sure you all have an idea.

Yes, I am taller than she is. But we didn't look like this. -->

I wasn't wearing a hat.

This is more like it--a big smile, and especially the hint of primness about the throat. She had this interesting high collar/scarf thing going--somehow both ladylike and fin de siecle fop. (She was probably just cold. It was freezing.)

But her style suited her, as she is somewhat more reserved than I am. I mean, after a while I finally had to come out and ask her name. No, it's not blackbird.

But I had recognized her right away. No, she doesn't look like a sock monkey. I don't know how I knew her, but I did. It must have been telepathy.

You want more details? OK. There is also that hint of the exotic in her style:

Not that exotic!

We sat in the cafe and talked and laughed like old friends. I suspect my hands flew around as I talked; other internet friends have mentioned it.

We like the same blogs. And the same bloggers.

She is a foodie. I am not. I was dumbfounded by her description of her eponymous restaurant here in Chicago.

I'll never eat there.

We hung out for what--an hour or so? Not long enough. Long enough for me to say some of the stuff that's important but that I don't bring up here. We had a lovely time. She is funny and sweet and just as cute as a button. (I had to say it.)

Then I drove her to her next appointment. Which was with the Anthropologie store.

Next time lunch?


  1. I'm not a foodie either(I like any food I don't have to prepare myself), but Blackbird is not to be missed. Very envious of your coffee date!

  2. Dammit. It is just NOT FAIR that y'all met each other in person before I met either of y'all. I saw BOTH OF YOU first!

  3. Most definitely lunch.
    Perhaps I'll fly in for a lobstah.

    (you are spot on, we look EXACTLY like that first photo)

  4. Blackbird is cuter than the sock monkey. And she does not have a tail.

  5. thanks for accepting my bid!!

  6. For a non-foodie, you sho' have a knack for bumping into us.


  7. Very cool. I thought you were a foodie (because everyone around here is!) (I'm not one either)

    Too bad I didn't know you when I was in Chicago last summah for the American Library Association Conference.

  8. Sock monkeys! My seventh worst nightmare.

  9. I am exceptionally and forever bummed to have missed the BlackBird/Poppy meet up (although ya'll use such fancy words I'd probably be doing my trademark blank expression, head nod thing the entire time).


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