Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In a Granite State

This morning the granite guys came and installed the kitchen counters. They are beautiful, just gawjous, and I took pictures, but I'm too lazy to go find my camera and connect it.

I had a break from visiting relatives today. That was good.

I did another volunteer shift at the Moffatt-Ladd house. I also went a little crazy in their gift shop, which was fun.

I tried to watch that Zorro movie with Catherine Hobag-Jones, but I couldn't hack it. Maybe if I were eight years old and hadn't already been exposed to every single hero-with-a-secret identity cliche, not to mention other Zorro movies, not to mention The Count of Monte Cristo and Star Wars and The Karate Kid, maybe I could have stuck it out. But all those cliches, and Catherine Hobag, too? Not even the sight of Antonio Banderas with his shirt off could overcome my nausea.

Yes, I have nothing much to say tonight. Do yourselves a favor and check out Mamarazzi. Or my tenant. Have you checked out Mommy Off the Record
yet? No? What do I hav to do--bust up your laptop?*

* Not an empty threat at all, since I just destroyed another one. That makes three. And the third one was a Sharp, running Windows, so none of your cracks about Apple computers, Joke.

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  1. Thanks for your supportive comment at I Talk 2 Much! I never ever get called EXOTIC!

    I also updated the look post-review, so feel free to stop by again!


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