Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I am Poppy. Hear me roar.


I just got off the phone with the incoming president of a board I've been on.

Dig the past tense, baby. Because when she said "I hope this doesn't mean you're thinking of resigning from the board," I felt it was my cue to say "Actually, it does."

So I launched into my departure speech, where the phrase "I don't believe in rewarding bad behavior" came up. Also something about the meetings being "tedious," the organization's general director being "socially inept," and the past-president being a "depressed and depressing burn-out case."

And now I can cross that organization off my to-do list. Yay me!


  1. Was this the board for the organization that snubbed you, or the organization riddled with ancient, blue-haired women who go visit things like Lincoln's house...or another altogether?


  2. P.S. I love it when your Goldwater gene busts out. No wonder Badger wants you comatose.

  3. This was the snubber.

    The blue-haired ladies are residing in my good graces at the moment. BUT THAT COULD CHANGE.

  4. Well, at least you didn't burn any bridges or anything.

    P.S. Do you get the feeling Joke is thinking WAY TOO MUCH about the two of us in a semi-conscious liplock? Doesn't he have OTHER hobbies?

  5. No, no, no.

    ONE of you is unconscious and the other is not.




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