Saturday, September 09, 2006

Is this as ugly as I think it is?

It's a list of the blogs I've blogmarked over at Blog Explosion. Apparently I can now stick them in my sidebar. The question is, do I want to? So I thought I'd post the code in a a blog entry and check it out.

Now to check out the general effect, she said, as she put down her palette, stepped backwards, held up her thumb, squinted, and then fell over.

My verdict? It's just as ugly as I expected.


  1. It certainly won't be winning prizes for elegance that's for sure. And it would be appalling in a sidebar. what a pity

  2. Yeah, I can't convince myself to put any of those widget-type doodads in my sidebar. I tried it one time and it made me cringe. I compromise with some buttons, but they're rolled up so you can't see them unless you want to.

  3. It doesn't have any of the Legion of Well-Dressed Men on it.

    Don't do it.

  4. Now that you mention it, you do look deformed in this.



  5. Ew. They should totally allow CSS editing of those things. People would use them WAY more.


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