Monday, October 16, 2006

I Promise to Do My Duty to God and My Country. And Miss Brit.

Gentle Readers,

I'm boring today.

Not only am I getting ready for Saturday's Halloween party, I'm also getting ready to spend my second year as a Girl Scout leader.

My daughter flew up from Brownies and is now a Junior. With a new uniform (that I, at the ultra-last-minute, drove to the GS store to buy on Friday) and a vest for badges (that I, at the ultra-ultra-last-minute, just finished attaching.)

Can I wax nostalgic for a minute? I was a Girl Scout, too. And oh, the fun times ahead, what with the sing-alongs and the camping and the service projects and the cookie sales and WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??? I'm waaaaay too unorganized for this.

Would you like to know how much time I spent trying to iron on the last two patches before I realized that they're the kind you're supposed to sew? Well, forget it, Internet. I won't gratify you by telling. Let's just say that I've already spent way too much time feeling like an Girl Scout Leading idiot today, and the meeting hasn't even started.

I mean, me? A Girl Scout Leader? Can I please be a Girl Scout Follower, instead?

So anyway, while I'm freaking out, check out Miss Brit, my new tenant. Her latest post discusses another reason to hate the Yankees. Who suck! Check her out! And if you're a New York Fan? Fuck you!


  1. Well! Imagine my delight to find that I am crashing with another Yankee hater!! ;-)

    Thanks for giving me some space here.

    And good luck on the GS, LOL, better you than me.

  2. Well, all I can say is: I was a Senior girl scout, and I would never have met and interacted with the variety of girls I did otherwise: the cool, the uncool, and the in-between.

  3. I am a Brownie dropout. Hey, not MY fault the 4-H meetings had better food.

  4. Well, I'm a New Yorker, but I hate baseball, so I could care less about the yankees or the mets. Does't endear me much to my fellow New Yorkers, unfortunately.

  5. Get this: I led such a deprived childhood I wasn't allowed to join the girl scouts! I am back and forth about letting the boys join; we are so busy now. Where would we fit it in? Plus, there's that fear of mine of pedophiles - I'd have to attend or run (sound familiar) every meeting. *sigh* Since I have sons, I am double alert about boys/men groups. If I'm limiting my children's involvement because of my fears, so be it.
    But you? GO FOR IT! You will be fabulous, of course.
    Hope your party is fun for all. Mostly you!

  6. I'm a brownie leader dropout. Too many Girl Scout Nazis in my district sucking the fun out of Girl Scouts.

  7. I'm the type of GS mom who, when I iron on the patches, they fall off. And when I sew them on, they looks like a 4-year-old sewed them. So I took them to my dry-cleaners and paid them to sew them. They look very nice now.

    I'm also the one who does nothing all year except: I'm in charge of the cookies.

  8. I'm glad my wife did the girl scout thing and we had two girls. That way I could just drive people around and eat the cookies.

    I'm glad I didn't have sons. Can you see me at the campfire?

    "Uh, fellas... where is an electrical outlet for my blender so I can do the vodka lemonades?"


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