Friday, November 24, 2006

Poppy emerges from a turkey coma

It wasn't just the turkey. Or the stuffing and gravy. Or the home-made cranberry, cinnamon, and cognac chutney-like crappe I cooked.

It was the pies. All home-made, all with real
lard--yes, lard!--in the crusts. We had pumpkin, pecan, apple, wild Maine blueberry, and sweet potato and all with home-made whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream (or if you're my daughter, both.)

No wonder I forgot to post to Mamarazzi. Even though today is my day.

So anyway, the pie crust has lifted, and ... I remembered.

I remembered about computers. I remembered about the internet. I remembered all that stuff I usually waste so much time doing. And so, here I am, back where I belong, with my rapidly-expanding ass parked in front of a laptop.

I even posted to Mamarazzi. Check it out--Seal and Heidi Klum had a baby named Gibberish Gobbledy Gook Seal-Klum! No, really! They did! Check it out!


  1. We made half a dozen apple pies with lard, even though it's not still Thanksgiving here.

    How will that kid feel about his/ her parents once they get to school? At least they have money to start paying for all that therapy early.

  2. Oh God, at first I thought it said "Poppy emerges from a turkey, comma."

    I'm so glad it wasn't that you were actually in a turkey.

    Jesus, that'd be strange.


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