Monday, December 25, 2006

The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 1

Merry Christmas!

I've decided that I'm not hard-core enough to do MaPoToFu or whatever the hell it's called, where you blog every day for a month. But I think I can manage to blog every day of the 12 days of Christmas. And I think I deserve to, considering that the month between Thanksgiving and now has been the TOTALLY FUCKING BUSIEST MONTH OF MY LIFE.

That includes the month after I brought my eldest child home from the hospital having undergone 56 hours of labor followed by a surprise C-section followed by being home alone, with no help, while I was recovering from surgery, my husband was traveling for business, the apartment was full of painters, and I was working on a massive case of post-partum depression. And yes, now that I mention it, that was a busy time. But at least I got to spend most of it slobbing around at home in my pajamas. This month I kept having to get dressed up and going out.

But this month is pretty much over now! I have free time!

So here we go.

Thank God my children don't read blogs. Because Young Master Buxom found a framed letter from Santa under his stocking on Christmas morning, informing him that due to factory problems (darn those elves!) he wasn't getting a Wii. The letter was accompanied by a cute little computer-printed gift certificate good for one Wii.

And he was totally satisfied.

But if he ever finds my blog, and clicks over to Blackbird, he'll find that some kids did get Wiis. Yo, Blackbird! Way to ruin my kid's Christmas!

If this keeps up, I might have to unlink to her. NOT THAT I'M BITTER OR ANYTHING.

p.s. How was my Christmas, you ask? Fairly merry, but low-key. That Stud Muffin I Married coined out big time for my birthday two weeks ago, and he was very busy writing briefs and such, so I did the buying for everyone, which meant that he and I didn't get all that much loot. But it was a pleasant day. My in-laws were nice. The children liked their gifts. The tree didn't fall over (although it tried.) The food was great: standing rib roast, roast potatoes, lasagna, pumpkin pie, blueberry pie, and my mother's nut cake (from my great-grandmother's recipe). And yet, my jeans still zip. And we were done with opening presents by 10:00, so I even had time to post to Mamarazzi.

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  1. Look -
    it was TOTALLY A MIRACLE...
    someone was watching over us this year.


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