Monday, January 29, 2007

Do the Math.

Say every day starts with 10 stars. Because that's my basic outlook. I'm an optimistic, fun-loving gal.

OK, take away a star for every errand I have to run. Because my ideal day is one where I don't have to go anywhere at all. Because I like to stay home. But I need to get groceries, mail packages, and have a voice lesson. Three stops; three stars.

I lose a star if I have to take my children to any kind of appointment or activity they're not interested in, due to the ensuing whining and bickering and whatnot. Well, today we have to get passport pictures taken. Two children; two pictures; two more stars.

Minus one for having to spend time waiting around for a plumber or an electrician or anyone like that. OK, we're at four.

Minus one for realizing that the toilet the plumbers are supposed to install is still in the garage, taking up space that rightfully belongs to my car. And it's at the basement level, and the bathroom is on the second floor.

Minus another one for the toilet being the wrong size.

Minus another one for the toilet being the wrong color.

Only one more star ... and I haven't even had lunch yet.


  1. 1. Love today's label!

    2. I take my boy to the psychiatrist's at 7pm this evening. That counts as minus 11 stars right there!

  2. Don't you have any more stars lying around somewhere? Maybe in the liquor cabinet?

    Thanks for adding the humor-blogs banner. I'll get you link added to the site tonight.

  3. Dammit. Don't know why I'm logged in as rkroese.

  4. Hi - Just found you on BlogExplosion.
    Great system - Great post.
    Hope you hang on to that last star.
    Waving at you from New York,


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