Friday, January 19, 2007

Terms of Rehab-ment

Dina Lohan and David Caplan of Star Magazine
Innocent Bystander, David Caplan of Star Magazine, Ageing Blonde Desperate For Fame By Association

In an exclusive interview with Star Magazine, agent and former Rockette Dina Lohan announced yesterday that her daughter Lindsay is "absolutely fine," and "everything is under control."

Lindsay and Dina Lohan

And for that, Mamarazzi awards Dina a Golden WTF Award for Best Stage Mom Press Release.

Too bad there's no awards ceremony. We bet she'd look hawt dragging a handcuffed Lindsay down the red carpet.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan
"I mean it Mom--let go!"

Photos courtesy of, Dan Herrick/ZUMA KPA, and

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