Saturday, February 03, 2007

Because the entire state of Illinois will be watching the Super Bowl

Except me.

Well, me, and a few other church choir weirdos, and a couple of homeless people sitting in the pews.

Because instead of sitting around drinking and watching Prince, (who is only my tiny little sexy badass guitar playing boyfriend, that's all--and has been since before I saw Purple Rain--more than once, I might add--back when it was playing in movie theaters) and all the new, high-budget television ads (including the one with Kevin Federline as a fast food worker, which I very justifiably made fun of in a recent Mamarazzi entry) and oh, yeah, a football game, I and my musical colleagues will be singing an Evensong service.

With our classically-trained voices.

It will be lovely. And no one will care. Not even us.

And so, in honor of classical music singers everywhere, I bring you Bryan Griffin (dressed as Ivan from the Lyric Opera of Chicago's recent production of Die Fledermaus) singing "Bear Down, Chicago Bears."

Go Bears!


  1. GO... EVENsong! wooooo hoo!

  2. Loved this!! May swipe it...and I'll be at church, not watching, too.

    My vw starts with nlf, wonder what that means?? The next letter is B--that must mean the Bears will win!!

    and the last two are sl--I am so cabin feverish!!

  3. Thanks to Mr. Griffin I've finally understood the lyrics. I love You thrilled the nation with your T-formation.

    I hope the homeless appreciate your efforts!

  4. Wonderful piece. Has anybody thought of setting it to music ?


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