Thursday, March 08, 2007

Glub Glub Glub

Just coming up for a breath of air. How are you? I'm chairing two fundraisers; one in May and one in June.

In other words, I'm drowning.


  1. Well, howdy! I am still freaking out about the whole middle school thing, appear to be coming down with something painfully sinus-related, and in today's mail I received a jury summons!

    So ... about the same!

    You bring the bourbon; I'll bring the vodka.

  2. ACK. I'm dealing with Oldest.
    He's moving home, he's not moving home, he's running away with the circus, he's...he's...HE'S A PAIN IN MY ASS.

  3. It snowed today. Flurries, for the eleventy-seventh gazillionth time this year. And then it melts, and the sun comes out and everyone is briefly happy - because surely, Spring is coming? AND THEN IT SNOWS AGAIN.

    That, and we're getting a -sob- puppy.
    Three guesses who'll be the shmuck outside at WTFo'clock, trying to keep warm while the dog sniffs everything in three acres.
    Can I bring wine?

  4. I just got in today from Kalamazoo. Drove all the way & left this morning with 4 customer stopd (with dog and pony show) along the way.

    Umm... no... I'd still rather do that than run 2 fundraisers thankyouveryfrikkinmuch.

  5. s/b stops.

    DAMN this alcohol anyway!

  6. Why TWO within in a month?


    Or is this the 5th time you've chaired them?

  7. Gracious, you're a busy one. I'm feeling no pity though because I believe that you not only have a super talent for chairing but that you regale in it!

    I just made up the names TV and Wii this morning. You inspired me before my first cup of coffee, which is a major talent in and of itself.


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