Sunday, March 25, 2007

If you're reading this, you should know this:

I'm not. My internet access is all but non-existent.

So I'll have to save the thrilling tale of our journey to Walt Disney World for one of those long winter evenings, as this is my first internet access since Wednesday, and I doubt I'll have much time for composing witty blog entries while on board a cruise ship.

BUT you need to know two things:

I have been hanging around with the Jokes.

And I'm staying in Tuvalu.


  1. SO JEALOUS I could spit...

    Hope you and yours are having a damned fine time.

  2. Tuvalu is a Cruise Ship?! No wonder bb is having such a time getting remodeling done!

    Say howdy to Joke, et al, and have a divine time. We are back from paradise, and I'm trying to move us there. But the schools are difficult - or very, very expensive. *sigh*

    And I just got the JJCale reference in your last entry. D-oh.

  3. You are in Tuvalu? How is the new bathroom? Is that shower as cool as it looks? Enquiring minds need to know. Say hi to BB for us, you lucky thing.

  4. how long will you be in tuvalu??


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