Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sweetness and Light

Today's to-do list is two pages long and counting.

And so, I have nothing amusing to say.*

Instead, I will tell you to click this. Because I live to spread sweetness and light.

And now, my work here is done.

* "Help!" doesn't qualify. Even when I use my best Graham-Chapman-as-a-Cockney-Housewife voice. I know this for a fact, because I've been practicing all morning.


  1. Again I ask: What did we do for entertainment before the internet?

  2. Since I already left a comment on Mamarazzi, I'm leaving one of my many other thoughts on the whole Danny Bonaduce thing here: Wow, there are so many horrible thoughts to choose from...Okay, the bottom line is that I needed to bleach my eyes, too. And try not think about the current status of that Hasty Pudding Cup.

    Also, Mr. Lemon is a redhead, so Mr. Bonaduce's bottom looked pretty normal to me. I know, TMI.


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