Friday, June 01, 2007

My Popeyes Try Mock Tais for Size

My husband's latest contribution to The Encyclopedia of Cocktails is a drink he calls the "Mock Tai." This is how to make one:

In a double old fashioned glass full of ice, put

Two heaping teaspoons of simple syrup
The juice of half a lemon
Then, almost fill a glass with rum, leaving room for
A splash of sparkling water. Oh, and a lemon slice.

Drink to forget the EXTREME BODILY PAIN of having cleaned house for four straight hours.

My Popeye arms are not happy. They are still sore from the Personal Trainer. They did not want to do a lot of heavy lifting, not to mention heavy dusting and heavy vacuuming.



  1. Ow.

    Not so sure what's so "mock" about this recipe. Seems pretty damned serious.

    "My arms like rum."


  2. I generally stick to tequila but this sounds pretty good too! I am with kathy though... not sure what the *mock* part of this is! Or is it supposed to be a *mock lemonade*, lol

  3. It's "mock" because the rum is diluted by other stuff.

    If the glass is too heavy for your Popeye arms to life, you could just use a long straw, so all you have to do is turn your head slightly toward the glass.

  4. Perhaps I could recommend my favorite spinach cocktail?


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