Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poppy enters the world of high finance

So, I'm getting ready for Blogher, and I realize, good lord, I'm going to be partying with Jen Lancaster, and I haven't read her new book yet. Bad Poppy!

So then I checked Amazon for a copy. And a cottage industry was born. Do you see the price for the collectible version?

The question is, how many copies can I get Jen to sign?


  1. Wow. Are the collectible versions bound in precious metals?

  2. Well that's what the seller would LIKE someone to pay her for it. A totally made up price AND a signature does not make a book a "collectible". But I say load up on the markers and go for it. And I must say I love the odd amount...let me see, 60, 70, no 61.20 that's the price! :)

  3. LOL. Have to agree with Gabe.. *collectibles* are only worth what you can get someone else to pay you for it. Or in other words.. "askin' ain't gettin'." And I hang my head in shame because I haven't read it either. But then I am not on my way to party at Blogher.


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