Sunday, August 05, 2007

You don't get to go out until you've unpacked.


First you have to get your stuff out of the Poppy bag and put it in the fake Botticelli dresser. Everyone knows that.

Then you get to go out for a walk.


Everything is very scenic.


People around here like window boxes.


Say hello to the history museum. It's so little and cute, you'd never guess there was actually a lot of history around here. But there is. A 1774 Revolutionary War skirmish where colonists stole gunpowder from Fort William and Mary, and the signing of the 1905 Sino-Japanese treaty. So there, doubters and nay-sayers!

If you don't have a purple front door, you are no one in this town. NO ONE.


And of course, you have to remember not to act like a


  1. Oh crap. I just told blackbird to paint her front door purple. I guess I never noticed that it's a typical new england color. I thought I was being daring!

    I love that dresser. I covet that dresser. I want to know if you can smuggle it out in your big giant poppy bag?

  2. I have no idea when the purple door fad started, but yeah, it seems to have caught on big time around here.

    And I don't need to smuggle the dresser out. I just need to keep my sister from deciding to take it. She is an art history major with a good sense of humor and a huge sense of entitlement. If I don't watch out, the dresser will disappear.

  3. My front door is almost purple already, but I want gloss black. Should I save time and send mine to Blackbird?

  4. So funny, I used to live a town (or 2) away from New Castle. I think NH is the state with the largest number of vanity license plates. After's live free or die man! Live free or DIE!

  5. Love love love the Botticelli dresser and the Poppy bag.

    My door is plain Pennsylvania white, and I rent. Ho hum. But purple seems like a good color...


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