Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NaBloPoMo 14: Weighing In

I have a little free time before my Weight Watchers meeting, so I thought I'd come by the house and print out an email so I can get my child properly registered for lunchtime chess.

This is something I agreed to do last Saturday, when I was boarding a plane in Baltimore, MD. So OK, that would explain some of the delay, because in case you haven't noticed? It's Wednesday.

Would anyone please explain WHY it seems so IMPOSSIBLE to fill out a piece of paper, attach a check, and drop it off at the school?

1. On Sunday, the woman who asked me to do it didn't email the form to me because she had stomach flu.

2. On Monday, I called her to find out where the form was. Later that day she sent me the email. But on Mondays I'm out of the house driving around and being homeless for 12 hours, so when I got home, I was too zonked to check email.

3. On Tuesday? I forgot.

4. Now it's Wednesday. Here I am, sitting in my unheated, dust-filled house, brimful of form-filling-out zeal, and I can't get my printer to print out the form. I think ... "Hmmm, maybe the printer will work better if I print the document from MSWord ... " only to discover that I haven't installed MSWord on this computer, because two days after we bought it, we moved out of the house so a bunch of construction workers could come in and destroy half the rooms. So now it's off to the public library, where I hope my tax dollars are paying for plenty of ink cartridges or whatever the hell it is that I need to print out this form, but lack.

Did I mention it's Weight Watchers meeting day? And I'm getting weighed in about half an hour? And I'm hungry?

There's a correlation here: Five days for one piece of paper is beginning to feel like five days and achieving a weight loss of half a pound. If that.

It's lucky that I'm not a stress eater. I'm not a stress eater. I'M NOT.


  1. And just how many points is an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper? I've forgotten.

    But I bet it would be good with salsa (0 points!).


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