Monday, December 17, 2007


A dear, dear, dear friend of mine has mentioned in her recent emails that my blog is taking a really long time to load. Like 20 minutes. And this is with a fast connection.

The first time she mentioned it, I got rid of a few widgets in my sidebar. The second time, I pruned my sidebar ruthlessly. It's a haiku of its former self.

Well, I've run out of ideas, so I turn to you, Internet. Could you please tell me:

1. Does my blog tend to load slowly?
2. If so, do you think it's all the pictures? Because I can upload fewer, or upload less-detailed pictures.
3. If so, and it's not the pictures, is there a fix that any moron, i.e., me, can manage?


  1. I USED to have a problem with your blog loading slowly, but haven't for months and months. Maybe it's a browser issue?

  2. It's not you, it's her. )Always a good stance to take!)

    I have Road Runner Cable and your page loads in about 2 seconds like it always has. I use Firefox (god love that browser!) and all is well. AND by the way I look at it a lot on an old desktop, instead of my laptop. which has not been upgraded in like 3 years.

    She needs to dejunk, defrag, upgrade whatever.

    Personally I am actually await MORE pictures because I have kitchen envy and just like looking at peoples granite countertops.

  3. Ditto. Your page takes about 2 seconds on my laptop too. I have Roadrunner so maybe that's the difference.

  4. it takes no time, with a cable connection (wireless) and Firefox. It might be her browser. Or her ISP.

  5. A-OK here. Windows + Firefox + accursed AT&T SBC Yahoo DSL = zipped right open.

  6. You load pretty quickly for me.

    (sounds sort of dirty, doesn't it?)

  7. I don't have any difficulty or long wait times to read your prose.

  8. Firefox here too but it loads just fine in IE also. Just a couple quick seconds. It's gotta be something with her computer. Maybe she needs to clear her cache and temp files. That can really bog down a web browser.

  9. Thanks, everybody. I will upload more highly-detailed mega-pixeled photos immediately, or when I feel like it, whichever is later.

    Babelbabe: You have a tiny Santa hat! I am in awe.

    Flutterby: The friend in question is a poet. So I will send her an email containing the following doggerel, a la Tom Lehrer:

    Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens,
    Deck the halls, drag out the Dickens,
    Clear the cache and chuck your temp files,
    Then admire the Buxoms' new tiles.

    (Curly Howard voice) And swing it!

  10. I just switched to Firefox (Major Bedhead beat me into submission) and...I love it. NO ONE loads slowly for me anymore.

    That said, you never loaded slowly to begin with.

    (Does this mean you're a fast girl?)

  11. Your page just jammed up my high speed work computer for about five minutes loading. I've noticed other pages that have the TickerFactory graphics load slow as well.

    You're not going to keep me away that easily. For you? I'll wait.

  12. FIOS with Firefox here. Total time to load: 3 seconds. Which is about 15 seconds faster than mine. Time to get rid of all those flash widgets.

  13. It was faster now but generally it is slower than any other blog I read and I too have Firefox.

  14. Well, I just dumped the Ticker Factory widget. After this, the only widgets I have left are reciprocal linking things, and I shouldn't think those would be too much of a problem.

    I really hate the idea that I'm causing internet road rage, but I can't think of anything else to do, other than pay the big bucks for a re-design.

  15. Help! Put the Ticker Factory widget back - I was planning to click on that to get one for myself in January.

    Your blog loads just fine, by the way.

  16. I thought I was the only one who had trouble with your site loading slowly (though by the looks of the comments there aren't many of us). Your site comes up right away, but then it sort of reloads and I have to wait several minutes before I can scroll down to read the rest of the post.

    I use a wireless connection and am not sure what else. Also, yours is the only blog that does this. Aren't you special! I don't think it's the pictures, because other blogs I read with more pictures don't do this.

    You're worth the wait though.


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