Sunday, January 27, 2008

And? It's been going on for months.

Note to the mothers of adorable, chubby-cheeked, baby-blue-wearing Thomas-the-Tank-Engine-loving little boys.

Nothing is going to get on your last nerve like the sound of your son's completely unmodulated, grating, cracking, is-it-up-or-is-it-down-please-I'm-begging-you-make-up-
your-mind adolescent male voice.

It will somehow manage to SEEM REALLY LOUD no matter where it's coming from: right next to you at the dinner table? Three rooms away? In the basement when you're on the second floor? It won't matter. It's OMNIPRESENT.

And? It will constantly remind you that CHANGES ARE OCCURRING. In case the fuzz on the upper lip and the giraffe-like height haven't already clued you in.

It's like living with a fog horn. That tells really bad jokes.

Just thought you'd like to know.


  1. I guess I'm lucky that my oldest is the quiet type. We barely noticed. But that's okay - there are 2 more boys to do that to us.

  2. And the smell? Had he gotten THE SMELL?

  3. No smell yet. He still smells great. And no zits, either.

    It's the other one--the one whose voice will never change--the one who spent all her birthday money on Gwen Stefani songs for her iPod--who stinks to high heaven, unless reminded tactfully to put on some TEEN SPIRIT.

    How little I guessed when that song was on the radio that it was prophetic.

  4. Since my boy child is exactly one year behind young Master Buxom, age-wise, I'll stock up on ear plugs now. Thanks for the warning.

  5. The big booming deep voice was the hardest thing for me. I'm not over it yet. The height, the giant shoes, the zits and hairy pits. I'm used to all of those. But the big man voice? Still can't stand it. Wah!

  6. OMG. The *teen boy smell* that for some reason neither they nor their friends can EVER smell but oh god it will permeate the house and you will wish you had stock in Febreeze. And the loudness? All of a sudden you will one day realize.... it's there to stay.

  7. oh, i can't wait!
    my little guy smells pretty great, by the way. and his cheeks are entirely edible. just thought i'd share.

  8. I haven't had the voice issue with the older two (12 and nearly 15) because they are kind of quiet. But we have experienced the smelly part. Camper's hair reeks like some sort of animal fur mush if not washed daily.

  9. Has he got that smell yet?

    You know, that one which is a tie between rotting apple cores and gym gear left in the bottom of the school bag?

    GOD - it's all ahead of us.

    Mind you, it may explain (part of the way at least) the volume levels we are experiencing with Oscar. Everything is LOUD.

    That and the dancing like some hip hop drugger from the hood. Or something like that. With the fingers out on weird angles and whole body spasms that I sometimes panic are an indicator of epilepsy as opposed to his victory dance.

    As Felix said tonight,
    'Grover is so cute I don't want him to grown up'.



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