Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First words

Yesterday at my daughter's birthday celebration my husband was exposed to a pungent and unusually muscular variety of dog or cat dander that had him sneezing his head off.

For hours.

When it was time to go to bed, I suggested--not for the first time, mind you--that he take some Benadryl. He'd never taken it before, but we keep a small supply of it around to keep the kids' ears from exploding on long airplane rides.

But this is Mr. Mistrusts-All-Over-the-Counter Drugs we're talking about. He's willing to take the enteric aspirin his doctor recommends. And he's been known to swallow the occasional Tylenol. But that's it. So it was only because he really was miserable, and he'd been sneezing and blowing his nose for about five hours, and he was about to go to sleep, that my powers of persuasion finally became strong enough to convince him. So after, oh, say, 10 or 15 minutes of explaining that an antihistamine was exactly what he needed, he finally agreed to take a single tablet of Benadryl. It's a miracle! And it only took 19 years of marriage!

And then, this morning, his first words to me were:

"Wow, I slept great last night. That Benadryl stuff is amazing."

and the kicker:

" You should have made me take it a long time ago."


  1. Holy shit, you are married to MY MOTHER. She is the same way about any sort of medication whatsoever.

    Whereas I? Take a Benadryl EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Sometimes two. Washed down with a glass of wine. Sometimes two.

    Don't try this at home, kids. It's okay for me; my liver is made of shoe leather.


  3. When you pill a cat - or dog- my vet recommends wrapping them in a towel first.

    I'm just sayin'.

  4. Actually badger, one of my doctors once told me Benedry is about the best sleeping pill EVER... well I guess she didn't mean to wash it down with alcohol though, lol. But, it's non-addicting in sleeping pill mode. I take one or two several nights a week.
    Men... sheesh. It's always our fault they are so dumb, isn't it!

  5. I too take Benadryl every single night. It has been around for over forty years, and probably one of the safest things that you can ever take. Aren't men such babies!

  6. Is this a man thing? Not just with the drugs, but with anything we suggest. I have a list of things that I have tried to get my husband to do for months or years, and when he would finally do one of them, he was always surprised that I was right all along. You'd think he'd finally figure out that obedience is his friend.

  7. It's a spouse thing. "You cannot be a prophet in your own land." Though I am with BBird, little tiny crush on your Mr.

    But that photo of Father and Daughter from yesterday, among the sweetest ever, so just go take a glance at that when you are feeling peeved.

  8. Men are so weird about drugs. My man will refuse a Tylenol for a headache, but drinks some chemically-derived protein shake to "build muscle and lose weight." And of course you never suggested such a brilliant thing EVER BEFORE. Men. They're something else.

  9. You could be talking about my husband... Mr. Aspirin.

    Seriously, "I have a stuffy nose so i'll take some aspirin"... this madness... it makes no sense.

  10. i hope you slapped him. i don't give a damn how adorable he is.


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