Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Come with me, my internet, to the stream, the stream of consciousness

OK, so I finally get around to checking out today's Mamarazzi.

And that means I have to head over to Youtube to see what Saturday Night Fever footage is to be found.

And that means I have to watch a montage of clips of Travolta dancing to the Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive."

And that means my son has to start rocking out with his bad self.

And that means we both get an ear worm.

And then my daughter starts coughing upstairs.


Oh God, I hope it's not pneumonia like last year September, 2006.

Young Master Buxom:


Staying alive! Staying alive!


  1. I think I love your smart-aleck boy, Poppy.

  2. Why, Miss Kim, it shits me that you appear to be unacquainted with the term.

    Try this.

  3. I saw the movie 27 dresses on Saturday. Since then, the song Bennie and the Jets has been a nightmare of an ear worm. Maybe Stayin' Alive will replace it now.

  4. Now I have the earworm too but there's coughing in it.


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