Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm huge on the internet.

Really. I am.

Why, on eBay alone, I'm u-fucking-biquitous.

We're talking BIG ASS POPPIES everywhere I looked. I think it's because poppies are preppy

and colorful. LORD, are we colorful

We're also decadent, what with that whole opium thing

and our need for lots and lots of elaborate silver

with our monogram on it, either officially

or hidden in the hallmark

and don't forget the caviar spoons, for God's sake!

And yet, we're also a little bit funky. Remember, there's that California cultivar, which would probably explain this:

(Drugs definitely explain this sort of thing)

And so, I leave you with one final piece of advice: when in doubt, put a bunch of us ON YOUR HEAD.

(And now? Three guesses as to which of these fine items I actually bought.)


  1. I'm guessing the necklace, but I'd get that big-ass spoon. It's really wonderful!

  2. I have got to guess that you bought the ladel. It is really pretty.

  3. The bag

    No question.

    But wait, three guesses?

    the bag
    the lipgloss
    the necklace

    Or maybe you bought the vinyl to mix on your decks when you and Mr P are getting jiggy with it.

  4. The necklace -- was it on eBay too? Unless you've already bought it, I must have it.

  5. please let it be the hat, please let it be the hat....

  6. The bag, the hat and a spoon. (Miss Scarlett with a knife in the conservatory)

  7. The necklace. Even though it doesn't go with the cat earrings. OR the bag.

  8. Babelbabe wins the prize for the most careful reading--not of this entry, but of my blog in general. Because that hat is completely silly. And so am I. And so is this blog. And so, I bought it.

    My excuse is an annual event here in Chicago where the ladies wear outrageous hats.

    I'll bet it's too small. Most ladies' hats are. If it is, I'll give it to blackbird, because it's totally her style.

    (What I really covet, though, is that ladle. Even though I hate polishing silver. I think it's GORGEOUS.)

  9. Oh, NO, Poppy, you're not one of those Red Hat Ladies are you?

    If you are, please blog about it.

  10. Ooh, I LOVE that necklace.

    And I like the bag, and that hat! There's something about that hat!

  11. DEAR GOD.
    Next you'll be wearing a mumu and wandering the streets chomping on your gums.


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