Sunday, March 16, 2008

I promise I won't always be this boring RAWKING

But things might continue to be pretty dull around here for a while, it being Holy Week and me being such a church mouse.

But anyway, today I:

• spent four hours at church being a choir lady. I started by taking part in the Palm Sunday procession, which this year, meant we were following a Dixieland trio around the block while I tried and failed to improvise gospel-type singing on songs like "Down By the Riverside." Which, being an Episcopalian, I don't know how to do. But once the service started we sang two motets, one by Thomas Morley and one by Thomas Tallis. We also sang some old favorite Palm Sunday hymns, including "Oh Sacred Head Sore Wounded" a capella as a recessional, and ladies and gentlemen, we TOTALLY RAWKED.

• drove home listening to Simon Vance read Treason's Harbor by Patrick O'Brian which so TOTALLY RAWKED.

• called blackbird and blabbed on the phone for a solid RAWKIN hour.

• had steak with sauteed mushrooms, pasta, broccoli and a bottle of Havens 1998 Napa Valley Bourriquot red wine. Which? RAWKED.

• watched a Netflix'd episode of House, M.D. so that Hugh Laurie could RAWK on with his bad self.


  1. You're awesome!

    (okay, you have to imagine the teen-age inflections)

  2. Hey, this choir lady sang "O Sacred Head" today too! I do love that one.
    We did "A New Commandment" by Tallis at Advent.

  3. I know if I stayed on the phone a little longer I could practically TASTE the rawking steak.

  4. Wait! You had steak? I thought you couldn't eat that until Sunday... I'm so confused about Lenten things.

    Confusion aside, you RAWK.


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