Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Am One Pissed-Off Mother-Blogger

I don't know whether you've noticed, but I don't act much like a sorority girl--at least, the way sorority girls act in my imagination, because I went to a college that didn't have sororities, so "sorority girl" is this mythic concept to me, and you know what? This is a rotten beginning. I'll come in again.

Hi. I'm extremely plain-spoken. Blunt, even. And when I try to make nice--when I put the time and energy into saying not what I'm thinking, but the polite, can't-we-all-just-get-along version of what I'm thinking--and after all that nicey-nice shit it doesn't work, I get frustrated. Very frustrated.

I'm the de facto foreman of Mamarazzi, the group blog founded by Susie Sunshine. Usually this is a point of pride for me, but not lately. For one thing, for months now the site has needed to be updated. Badly. I mean, the masthead has names of people who haven't written for us for years. (Lindsay, you know I heart you, but you stopped writing for us in 2006.)

And then on May 13th, comments stopped working.

And now the site won't come up at all.

And our site administrator won't answer my emails.

You think Joan Crawford was a mother with anger issues? I'm about to duct tape my arms to my torso, because otherwise I'll punch someone.


  1. Ai yi yi. This keeps getting worse and worse. If you need to go postal on someone and need back-up, holler. I'm excellent at that sort of thing.

  2. Nah.. duct tape hurts too much when you have to pull it off like that. And if you're managing to not wham someone then you don't deserve that kind of punishment.

  3. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stay tuned for further ...

  4. Bless you for posting this. My kids finished their school years today, which is my excuse for not posting about the whole Mamarazzi mess yet.

    Good news! It's back up! Guess I should go back in and edit today's post. You know, so it'll make sense and junk.

  5. Wait. Wasn't it just a week a go that Japanese motorcycle guy called Mamarazzi a must-read?



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