Wednesday, June 25, 2008

After the hippy wedding

After the wedding party was over, we went back to the hotel. I decided that I needed to at least dip my toes into the Pacific. So my son and I walked down and down the road through innumerable trees to the beach.


People were dressed up as blackbird.


The water was surprisingly cold.


Then we went to the bride and groom's house high in the mountains.


There was a big pond with koi. A sauna. A yurt (or some such.) A fountain with a statue of Buddha. A grill. An outdoors heater.

We ate chinese food. Then the younger generation put on a show that combined ballet, modern dance, and sword fighting. Then my children showed off their karate kata. Then the groom did some jujitsu, using a sword festooned with lights.

Then, when it was too dark too see anymore,


the groom brought out a guitar. And we sang.


And when it was too late to sing anymore, it was time for disco. The ceiling of the converted garage (a/k/a the party room or "the Pleasure Dome") is hung with a disco ball and lots of paper parasols.


And there is a laser light show.


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