Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Big Brother is watching ME.

If you're driving up to a very, very ripe yellow light and think you can get through the intersection without running a red light, don't do it.

Apparently the skies are full of spy cameras.

They will take your picture.

And fine you $100.

Ask me how I know.


  1. Did you honk when you blew the light?

  2. Ugh, I hate those lights. If a real cop were there, they wouldn't give you a ticket for the light turning red while you're already in the intersection, so what gives a stupid machine the right to do it?

    Do they post signs alerting you to the cameras where you live? My parent's town thankfully does, but whenever we go visit the BF's parents, we have to treat all the yellows as red lights. Thank goodness those cameras are too expensive to install around where I live, or I'd be totally screwed.

  3. Spy cameras have flaws, as many courts are finding. If you care to, you could probably get the ticket thrown out by going to court with a lawyer.

  4. What sucks is that no matter how much cleavage you show or how hard you cry the camera JUST DOESN'T BUDGE. Pfft. And they call that advanced technology?

  5. Cracking up at Dani.

    For 100 bucks you should at least get a copy of the picture.

  6. There's one in the letter. But it's on regular paper. And you'd think, if Walgreen's can sell me a glossy print for 10 cents, then for $100 the City of Chicago could do better than a crappy photograph on photocopy paper.


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