Thursday, July 31, 2008

There is no joy in Mudville

Oh, man.

Or maybe I should say, oh Manny.

The Red Sox have traded Manny Ramirez. He's going to LA. And he just hit his 500th homer on Saturday.

I know he's at the end of a long contract; I realize he's been getting paid a huge salary; I realize he's 36, which is 72 in baseball years.

Maybe it's the best thing for the team, but he was part of the team that brought the World Series back to Boston. I'll miss watching his trademark grin. I'll miss watching his dreads bounce around when he ran. I'll miss "Manny being Manny."

You know, nothing annoys me more than some pipsqueak of a mommyblogger complaining about feeling old. But for some reason, I do. I guess if Manny is old, I'm Methusalah's mother.

Yep, I'm just a grumpy old gal who thinks Manny Ramirez should still be playing for the Red Sox. With Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, and Babe Ruth.


  1. we lost Jason Bay and I thought my boys were going to CRY. (because they did over some of the hockey trades...)

  2. I love me some Manny but he was becoming a distraction. Or at least that's the line we've been taught to say to keep us from weeping. BTW, are you going to Newcastle this year (asked the creepy lurker from Maine)? Did you see the Samantha Brown Passport to a Great Weekend, Portsmouth? You'd love it.

  3. PS One of my favorite numbers is 27. I bet you can figure out why. Pudge, anyone?!

  4. Pudge! I could have written some of this post about Pudge leaving my Tigers, except for the distraction part. Pudge is a great professional, and I wish him luck with the Yankers, but not too much. Say hi to my secret boyfriend, Derek Jeter, for me, Pudge!

    Also, the last Tiger game I went to, I made the mistake of perusing the DOB's of the boys. Some of them were born after I was married.

  5. Look. It isn't like I wanted him. Or his colossal clubhouse-destroying ego. But Andruw Jones seems to have left his bat in Atlanta. So we needed to rent one.

  6. Ladies:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, Middle Aged Woman! For some of us die-hard old cranks, there is only one Pudge: Carlton Fisk, who, let the record show, followed me to Chicago from Boston. ;-)

    In fact, I think the nickname "Pudge" should be retired and certainly never to assigned to another catcher. FOR THE YANKEES, for cryin' out loud.

    And KathyR, don't be such a sore winner!

    And for everyone else, read this and weep over the reaction of the Yankees to Manny being traded to a National League team:

    Yankees barely contain glee at Ramirez trade - MLB - Yahoo! Sports [sports_yahoo_com]

    p.s. hwfers, yes, we're heading to New Castle nex week, but unfortunately I haven't seen the Samantha Brown episode. I'll just have to try to have fun the old-fashioned way--by stuffing my face with lobster rolls.

  7. Manny was souring the dugout with his attitude to the point where Theo said they really couldn't afford to keep him. He was barely playing the game anymore, he was faking injuries again, and he wanted out desperately. So he's gone. And he's working for Joe Torre now, and I'm betting he's REALLY gonna hate that. Plus the new owner of the Dodgers? He's from Brookline and knows Manny's schtick up and down. Manny isn't gonna get away with shit on the Dodgers. Manny being Manny is a thing of the past.

    Yeah, I'll miss his adorable face, his dreads and his smile. But I won't miss his attitude one bit. And Jason Bay? Wow, what a great welcome to Boston. Plus, he speaks to the media. Shocking!


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