Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maybe I'm just getting old

But I was kind of bored by the Democratic convention tonight. Barack is certainly charismatic, but I found Gore's speech more stirring. And the video was much duller than the one for Clinton.

So I found myself tweeting.

Is it me, or has the internet given me ADD?


  1. I TOTALLY wanted to see that smackdown on Twitter last night.

  2. Hey MAW! You're much cuter than your avatar!

    Most of my Tweets were solidly in the Obama camp, with a few outspoken exceptions. But I only gave one of them a slight pinch. ;)

  3. I dunno about YOU, but the internet gives ME virtual flowers.

    just sayin. ;)

  4. ADD. That speech was fantastic. And I love looking at Michelle's dress. Because I'm shallow like that.

    I loved Gore's speech, too, which surprised me. Usually his voice annoys me, but he has really toned down his know-it-all inflection until it almost isn't there. Almost.

    Or maybe it's because 8 years later he is entitled to that know-it-all inflection.


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