Monday, September 29, 2008

Drunk blogging a Girl Scout camp-out

Thank God for rain.

We had scheduled a Girl Scout camp out, sort of a gateway camp out, actually, which was to take place at one of our leader's houses, in her yard. There were going to be tents, and a campfire, and a walk to the beach for flashlight tag, and doughnuts the next morning.

Well, it poured rain all day. Which meant that we'd be sleeping on the very wet ground. And then there's that thing where tents leak wherever you touch the canvas.

So we had a pizza party at her house, instead. Indoors. And the girls watched a DVD down in her home theater. And then sang Karaoke.

And I? Ate pizza and salad and drank lots of wine. And sang a karaoke "Material Girl" with one of the other moms. And then came home and caught up with my husband. Instead of sleeping in a tent with a bunch of 6th grade girls.

It may be the wine speaking, but can I have an A-MEN for the rainy weather?



  1. I've already explained to my younger daughters that I do not do campouts. Ever. The appeal of no indoor plumbing has yet to be explained to me.

  2. Testify sister!

    For two years I was the leader of two different troops. I made it very clear to the parents that if they wanted their daughters to go camping, THEY would have to take Outdoor Education and then organize and lead those camping trips. Not me. No sirree. Nuh uh.

  3. You amaze me. I never led a troop beyond Brownies but I must admit I envied those girls who had real camping experience because my Girl Scout leaders only did back yard camping. Then when I was the grown up I understood why they skipped the mountain adventures.


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