Thursday, September 11, 2008

Worst clothes at New York Fashion Week, part 1

From Betsy Johnson, who apparently hasn't gotten the memo that maternity dresses are no longer in style, this combination of Gwen Stefani's new perfume bottles with out-takes from Little House on the Prairie:

From Marc Jacobs, who is apparently trying to resurrect the glory days of Lady Di in the early 1980s, proof that sometimes even an Earl's daughter gets dressed by digging through the dirty clothes hamper and throwing stuff on in the dark:

And from Philip Lim, a sad-faced Fashion Criminal realizes that the guards probably won't let her accessorize her prison jumpsuit with her kicky polka-dot handbag.


  1. I am not at all happy to see 80s fashion return. That was NOT a great decade.

  2. Pops, for Fashion Week's best Mens' collection, check out my post today.

  3. Oh, Lord, not jumpsuits! Anything but jumpsuits!

    But 80's? Leggings and big sweaters? I'm all over it. Totally fantastic for the apple-shaped among us...


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