Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 12 Days of Blogmas Contest, Day 4

Today we drove for about six hours, winched ourselves out of the van, hauled our crap inside, had a quick drink, and then fed cocktails and take-out Chinese food to some of my brothers and sisters, and opened Christmas presents, and laughed.

And then of course, I had to show them how I can find them a picture of Mormon Temple Garments by using voice-activated Google search on my new iPhone.TM

By the way, did you notice something about my use of the phrase my new iPhoneTM ? That's right. I have copyrighted it. Not only that, I plan to devote my next Blog365 to blogging about my new iPhoneTM every day. And no, I'm not getting paid to blog about my new iPhoneTM every day. I'm doing it because I'm Apple's bitch.

Anyway. I do have other things to tell you about. Like new bathrooms. That's right! Stick around for the new bathrooms. The new nautical-style bathrooms! They're almost as nice as my new iPhone.TM And tomorrow, I might even take pictures. With my new iPhone.TM

I know. I'm acting like an iHole.

And now I leave you with the latest installment in my Uncredited Google Images Win a Starbucks or iPhone Gift Card Christmas Carol Contest. Here's the deal for those who are new: the images below represent one word of the first line of a Christmas carol. If you guess the carol, you will win a prize of your choice of a $15 Starbucks or iPhones gift card. Here goes:


  1. Jeez woman, have you lost your marbles? Those photos make no sense whatsoever.

  2. Long-time lurker.

    I'm going with "Lo, how a rose ere blooming" (also one of my favorites). Actually, I'm a church organist, and I try to play a variation of this hymn each Christmas Eve candlelight service because it's my dad's favorite.

  3. I agree with Jen...

    But if I must take a guess - We three Kings?

    the Bling throws me off

  4. this game makes my head hurt. (well, you know.. that and the sinus infection i'm rockin'.)

    I'm officially stumped. so stumped, in fact, that I've already forgotten whatever you said about 6 hours of driving or something.

    me = FAIL.

  5. Sorry gals, lost internet access for a while today.

    OMO_of-the-rock rocked it with







    But. My bad. I'm such a church mouse I'm picking stuff that I personally love but is relatively obscure. I mean, Michael Praetoriou rocks my world, but I just might be alone in that opinion.

    I promise I will do songs that are more carol-ly and less hymn-y.

    (For the curious, carols have choruses. You know, "fa-la-la-la-la" or "Glo------------ria in excelsis deo" or "Star of wonder / Star of whatever / Star--forget it, I always hated that carol.")


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