Saturday, December 06, 2008

We don't need no stinking Onion

Someone who friended me on FaceBook has been following my blog updates. He's read one or two of my blog entries and emailed me yesterday to tell me that I was a very entertaining writer, and he thinks I should try to write for the Onion.

Hey, I've no objection. After all, I'm not proud--at least, not unduly so. I like blogging just fine, and have even been known to get paid to do it. (By the way--it was with great reluctance that I gave up my amateur standing as a blogger, because after all these years of training, I'd have liked to have won a gold medal. But believe it or not, blogging isn't an Olympic event, so I finally relented and let BlogHer pay me for those posts of mine about makeup.)

But the Onion hasn't come to call--even though I've been blogging for over four years. Not even during the past year, when I've put out the blogging welcome mat every single day.

Well. I can only conclude that the Onion is snobby, and stand-offish, and thinks it's so great.

Well, if I'm not good enough for the Onion, then the Onion isn't good enough for me.

And that goes for Jezebel, too.

And dooce? Forget it. I'm not guest-blogging for you, either.

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