Sunday, January 04, 2009

12 Days of Blogmas, Day 11

OK, here we are at the second-to-last day of Christmas. Which means it's the second-to-last chance for you to enter my contest.

You remember what to do, right?

  1. Look at the pictures.

  2. Try to figure out what Christmas carol they represent. (Usually I show the first line of the first verse, i.e., "Silent night, holy night" because just "Silent Night" would be too short.)

  3. Leave a comment with your well-reasoned and thoughtful solution. Or take the opportunity to make fun of me.

  4. If you're right, you win a $15 Starbucks gift card. (Or iTunes, if you prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee--and who doesn't?)

  5. And here's a hint, because honestly, the emails are getting to me.

    Most of the time, the phrase I'm using includes little words--basic verbs, articles, pronouns, and prepositions--that produce pretty strange results in Google Images. After all, it's THE first Noel and WE three kings OF orient ARE. And when you do a search for the, we, of, and are, you come up with pretty random images.

    So look for the nouns. Christmas carol-y nouns like angels, mangers, stars, nights, oxen, and asses.

  6. Also, in today's contest, I repeated a preposition from one of my previous days. And Manet was not painting an angel.

  7. OK, angels little birds. It's out of the manger nest with you.



  1. Because I attended parochial school, I know this one!

    "Angels and Things We Saw While High"

  2. Susie: Hey! Good for you! You guessed it, even though I left out the image of Cheech and Chong.

    Rest of you: Just kidding.

  3. Angels We Have Heard on High!

    From Patty

  4. OMG, I got this one too! These things are starting to make a bizarre kind of sense to me, finally. Like those optical illusion pictures after you've stared at them long enough.

  5. Oh, I'll be doing the crossword puzzle if you need me.

  6. Hmm, this is a toughie, something about angels, or maybe king of the Orient, who didn't Cceat (cheetah) and still got to graduate? No, that's not very Christmas-y. And besides, I stil have some bunnies and a Manet left over.

  7. Hey, Anonymous Patty! You won!

    Email me ( so I can send you your gift card.

    And yay! I'm almost done! Only one more day of overt hostility before I go back to being my usual non-clever under-the-radar self.

  8. I gave up after Day 1. I thought there was something about Orient though.

    We Three Kings of Orient Are?

    Oh, wait. Damn. Someone already won.

  9. "Angels We Have Heard On High"


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