Friday, January 02, 2009

12 Days of Blogmas, Day 9

The contest continues! Here are the rules. It's a rebus made of Google images. Each image is one word. The words are either the first line of a Christmas carol OR its title--probably both.

Guess the first line and/or title and win your choice of a $15 Starbucks or iTunes gift card. (Which I'll be buying and sending when I'm no longer on the road. Because you can't see it from here, but I'm in Rhode Island. And any minute now I'll be getting in the car and driving to Chicago.)

And I felt all merciful, what with all the WHINING. So seriously, this one is child's play. And today it's the FIRST LINE because the title would be really short.

Ready? Here goes:


  1. Dude. Finally one even I can get! Silent night, holy night...
    It was the Led Zeppellin cover that tipped me off. I'm such a heathen.

  2. Yes, Samantha. There is a Silent Night. So you are the winner!

    Please email me at and let me know which gift card you'd prefer and where to send it.

    And Joie--I totally cracked up when the LedZep cover came up. I mean, what could be more appropriate for a Christmas carol contest???


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