Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, and 22. A spell checker for my computer

For your reading pleasure, a peek into what 12-year-old girls are craving these days. At least, one almost 12-year-old girl I know.

Dear Whoever Finds This,

I would like the following things for my B-day, which is coming up in 2 days.

1. 25$ Itunes gift card
2. The Book, Fairest
3. The book, The Indian in the Cupboard
4. The book, Life as we Knew it
5. A pair of High-heeled go-go boots
6. Kirby Canvas Curse
7. Perfume (Either floral, stimulating, or fruit scented)
8. A pair of pink high-heeled platform shoes
9. Smecils-lots of them
10. Scented markers-also lots of them
11. A pair of Jimmy-choo flip flops (For the summer)
12. A trampoline for the summer
13. A pink Protta tote
14. A tiffany hair band
15. A sable
16. 20 dollars
17. A sleepover
18. Ballons
19. A chocolate cake from Jewle with chocolate frosting with the words Happy Birthday, Pop3tt3!
21. Brekfast in bed

OK, this is a long list, but I'll be able to manage some of it. I can see the books, the chocolate cake, the balloons, the Kirby game, the scented markers and Smencils. And I am not nearly as stupid as she thinks; I recognize that she is trying to tell me that she wants chocolate ice cream with the cake and not that lame vanilla stuff you usually buy, mother.

But in case you think I'm over-indulgent? I think it's safe to say that she will not be receiving a sable for her 12th birthday.

Also, I managed to convince her that there is actually no such thing as a Tiffany hair band, which is why it got crossed off the list.

And don't worry, people. She's not getting a Prada tote until she can spell it.


  1. Your 12 year old knows what Jimmy Choos are????? They really do grow up faster, don't they? (This would be a good time to point out that I'm barely out of college and never heard of Jimmys until I was a junior in high school.)

    Still more power to her for having the guts to demand it all. Its that same sort of naive confidence that keeps me putting a Lexus on my Christmas list every year. :)

  2. Are you going for the high heeled go-go boots, the high heeled pink platforms or the Jimmy Choo flip flops?

    This is a child after my own footwear heart!

  3. How does she not have #2 and #3 already?

    My 10 y.o. is asking for a cell phone and a laptop. As if.

    And OF COURSE Kristin had to ask about the Jimmy Choos. I noticed the books on the list and she's all over the footwear.

  4. I'd like some floraly, stimulating fruity perfume, too. Let us know which you go with, okay?

    No, I won't mind smelling like a 12-year-old girl.

  5. No, no, there was a Tiffany headband it was Peretti or Cummings. I've seen them pop up on ebay occasionally.

    I've curious whether she wants a stable(for horses) or a sable coat. Either way you can't fault the girl.


  6. Must go google Smecils because I've no idea what they are--good thing I don't have a 12-year-old girl.

  7. Sweet. But I haven't a clue what a Jimmy Choos is (are?) Is my 16 year failing to educate me properly?

  8. I am SO out of the loop!! I don't know what a significant portion of that stuff is....

  9. Isn't this the list Sharpay was singing on High School Musical 2? Why the f**k do I know that?

    Anyhoo...tell your kid to stick with Coach - that's attainable.

  10. I love that she wants a sable instead of something annoyingly PC like peace on earth. And the juxtaposition of a sable and $20? Beautiful.

  11. And I quote 'A pair of pink high-heeled platform shoes'

    God help us all.

    I guess every generation has to have its fashion horror stories.


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