Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Saturday = Randerday? Ranterday? Ratterday?

First, thanks to everyone who commented on Wednesday's post about social networking. Not only did you provide helpful insights, I could demonstrate to my group that on the internet, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask away, and people will answer. FOR FREE.
Last night, my husband, my son, and I watched the last five episodes of 24, Season 2. I realized, now that three of us were watching it, how I curl up on the sofa, barricade myself with pillows, and tuck my toes against my husband because I'm too old for stuffed animals, but that show is SUSPENSEFUL. Any of you who remember how Season Two ended will get this--I felt that if I watched one more episode, I'd have a heart attack.
I've had an insanely busy day. Especially considering what a slug I am. I was up and dressed at 8:00 to get my daughter to the Girl Scout pancake breakfast. Then errands, then taking Christmas lights off the shrubs (I'm lame, I know) then inside for a well-deserved look at the newspaper. But a girl in her class showed up for a study date (that no one had told me was happening) so I sort-of-subtly watched over that to make sure work got done. Then a friend wanted to drop by. Then I made last minute arrangements for a kids' sleepover, and now I have to get ready to go out to dinner and the opera.
I have 781 Twitter followers. No, I don't know why, either.


  1. Um, because YOU BEG FOR THEM? Cajole, even? It might be that.

    Or it might be because you're a social networking ho.

    Or it might be because you're funny. Ish. (Ha! And you wonder why I only have 100-some followers! It's a mystery, I know.)

  2. I'm a new Twitter minion of yours and I don't think you're a slut OR a ho. I think you're FABOO. :)

  3. If you are a ho, I'll gladly be your John.

    You'll totally take credit, right? Cuz I'm a little short on cash right now.


  4. Badger: If you're saying that I parade around the internet carrying a sign that says "Will tweet for lols," well, OK. You're right. I'm a ho.

    But I come from a broken home, which makes everything OK.

    Ree: Believe it or not, I didn't actually get any. Even the scent of maple syrup drives me into a feeding frenzy.

    SuburbanC: Again with the terms of opprobrium! Again with the charges of promiscuity! I like to think of myself as extremely affectionate, with the fingers you love to touch-type.

    missbanshee: Thank you. Of course, with a name like "miss banshee," there's a chance that you're completely off your rocker. But any port in a storm. You and I are officially BFFs now.

    redneck mommy: No problem. I hear you're good for it. At least, that's what it says on the bathroom wall.

  5. I love that you are just now taking your Christmas lights down.

    If you had just held out a little longer, you could have really saved yourself a little work next year.

  6. Well, in your very busy sked I hope you can pop over to my Monday post, I passed a lil' something along to you. Enjoy the opera; let us know if a fat lady sings at the end, or if it's just an urban legend.

  7. I just fixed your link on my post - what can I say, dyslexia strikes! - it works now!

  8. OOh, you're going to the opera. Which one? I hope it's full of death, tragedies are the best (except when they die of consumption and are miraculously able to sing till death).


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