Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm just trying to force myself to stay awake

You know what I realized when I was on the way to the airport? That I had my laptop, iPod, iPhone and their respective chargers. I even had my new Nike CoolPix camera! But where was the Nike battery?

At home in the charger.

This is just. so. typical.

I'm the only one bringing an actual camera on this trip. And now it won't work. Which means I'm reduced to taking pictures with my iPhone.

The bright side of this is I now have a shopping goal. Which means we won't have nearly as much browsing and out-of-control covetousness that can absolutely consume me when I travel.

The last time I was in England I dragged my husband through innumerable used book stores and thrift shops. I thought seriously about buying a pair of hilariously preppy (or I should say, Sloane Ranger-y) Wellington boots with a print of little whales all over them. I bought a pair of fake Gucci loafers at Marks and Sparks and Tom Holt "Mapp and Lucia" books at Waterstones and I ... well, I went a little nuts at Boots. I think I brought home a year's supply of Pear's soap because it was 50 p. a cake, less than half of what it costs in the States.

And I was already obsessed with the Hetty vacuum cleaner. So now that I can just walk into a store and get one?


It's lucky that I really need a battery for my camera.


  1. That is the cutest vac I've ever seen!

  2. I assume that vac is the new dyson!? That's adorable. Those crazy brits

  3. so, you forgot the battery, and ME.

    come back for us.

  4. I always wondered who bought Pear's soap. Now I know.


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