Friday, September 04, 2009

What have I been doing, anyway? I mean, other than laundry?

It's life among the lotus eaters around here. In case you're a bit rusty with your Homer, the lotus eaters were a bunch of time-wasting lay-abouts Odysseus encountered on his way home from Troy. You know, that trip that took 20 years? And nobody recognized him when he got home?

That's me. It has been twenty years since my son started high school. Maybe more. Soon his children will be riding the bus to ninth grade with him. Yes, it feels that long.

Meanwhile, my daughter doesn't go back to school for another week.

I really don't mean to complain, but I've got one kid who needs to be chivvied into getting up, getting dressed, doing his homework, showering, practicing, you name it. I'm like a sheepdog pushing a large, gelatinous blog from one activity to the next.

In the meantime, my daughter sits around playing video games and watching YouTube videos in the Summer Vacation That Wouldn't End. And sleeping, my lord, can that child sleep. Last night she fell asleep before dinner, and she's still asleep now.

When we do anything, I brightly try to make it a Real Project, like today, let's Go To The Orthodontist! or Let's Go Shopping for New School Supplies! Which really doesn't fool anyone, let alone me.

I guess I should go. First of all, at some point my daughter will wake up ... after all, it's been 13 hours. And then I'll need to come up with some enjoyable activities, like Picking Up the Vacuum Cleaner. Or Mailing Out the Packages. Or Going to the Bone and Jone Center to Have My Shoulder, Which is Acting Hinky, Looked At.*

Or posting to Mamarazzi.

* See how I mention that without whining? You're welcome.


  1. Letting the days go by. Letting the water take us under...

  2. It is going to be nice having two of them at school this time, rather than one completely unmotivated child with homework, and one preschooler who can do what she damn well pleases.

  3. How come you've given up the blog? It was always one of my absolute favorites and you hardly update anymore. I guess Twitter is everyone's primary focus but I found it's not for me. I don't really want to be updated 600 times a day about what people are eating or how much time they are in the doctor's office.I'm not chastising you personally, it's just that I got addicted to a number of great blogs that I could read after a crappo workday,the mad rush of dinner, homework and chores&the kids went to bed. Now it seems most have been deserted for twitter. Makes me sad. Regards,Katie


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