Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Bullets

Yeah, OK. I'm stealing the idea of Friday bullets from Badger. So sue me.

• It's been raining. And raining. To the point where I've been tweeting about the weather, for God's sake.

• My in-laws are coming for the weekend. Should I clean the house?

• My frozen shoulder (a/k/a adhesive capsulitis) is acting up. Can I blame my dirty house on it?

• We're all going to see Fabrice Camels dance the part of Othello in the Joffrey Ballet's new production. Would it be in bad taste for me to drool all over myself?

• A bunch of us are having dinner first. Would it be far-fetched of me to blame the drool on the meal? Even hours afterwards?

• I posted to Mamarazzi today. Don't worry. It's not about Balloon Boy.

• Later, taters. I'm off to physical therapy. Wheee!


Gentle Readers:

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