Monday, December 28, 2009

12 Days of Blogmas: Day Four

After many hours in the car, I'm in New Hampshire. My sister gave me a biography of Mae West for Christmas! My mother gave my daughter a garnet and pearl ring that was her great great great aunts! We had pizza and I think I drank a whole bottle of wine all by myself!

The bad news I think we might be hosting my mother for New Year's Eve.

Anyway. Here's today's Christmas song. Guess the title and win a free Mamarazzi t-shirt!


  1. I'm like that annoying kid in the class, "I know, I know!"

  2. Man, everybody beats me to it! I don't know why I care, I already have a totally awesome Mamarazzi t-shirt, from the party at the Deeluxe apartment in the sky.

  3. I'm too late.... I guessed what stacy wrote. "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus".

  4. OMG Stacy! Stacy won!

    Stacy who I "know" through an internet forum I joined in 1996!!!!!1111

    Now if only Badger, caryperk, Perceptive Reader and Joke would play, I could wallpaper the universe with Mamarazzi t-shirts, which would be teh awesome.

    As for the rest of you ... thanks for playing!

    Also, I'm in NH and the shirts are in IL, so everyone is going to have to be patient until I get home, shove my kids out the door, and start putting packages together.

    Stacy, shoot me an email ( with your size and address.

  5. Finally I got one all on my own!!

  6. I actually knew this one, for a change! DAMMIT. Maybe Stacy will let me borrow her shirt.

  7. I'm a former alt.fashionite too, FWIW. Emailing my address for yesterday's win!


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