Friday, December 25, 2009

The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day one

Hey, it's Christmas! This means I got no sleep last night, and I've spent an entire day stuffing my face with delicious yet unhealthy food (when I wasn't drinking). It's therefore a miracle that I have the energy to start anything, let alone my annual 12-days-of-Christmas guessing game. But I do.

I have so much energy that I've decided to make this a contest. With prizes!

See, last summer I threw a party for the entire internet, and like any good hostess, I provided goodies for my guests. Only since the entire internet didn't show up, I wound up with leftovers.

So here's the deal. Guess the name of this popular Christmas song and you'll win yourself a super-fine Mamarazzi t-shirt. They're white with dark red lettering and say

in red ink. If you know Kristen of Mommy Needs a Cocktail, you know how nice these t-shirts are.

OK, here are the rules:

  1. Look at the pictures. In previous years I've gotten my pictures from Google Images. Now I'm using Google or Amazon has nice clear images. And after doing the majority of my Christmas shopping on Amazon, I figure they owe me.

  2. Try to figure out what Christmas song the pictures represent. (Usually I show the first line of the first verse, i.e., "Silent night, holy night" because just "Silent Night" would be too short.)

  3. Leave a comment with your well-reasoned and thoughtful solution. Or take the opportunity to make fun of me.

  4. If you're right, you win a Mamarazzi t-shirt.

  5. And here's a hint: most of the time, the phrase I'm using includes little words--basic verbs, articles, pronouns, and prepositions--that produce pretty strange results in Google Images. After all, it's THE first Noel and WE three kings OF orient ARE. And when you do a search for the, we, of, and are, you come up with pretty random images.

    So look for the nouns. Christmas carol-y nouns like angels, mangers, stars, nights, oxen, and asses.

Ready? Here goes:


  1. Jingle Bell Rock?
    Merry Christmas!


  2. That's some nice Roman numeral usage you've got going there. Haven't seen that in a while.
    I'm going to go with number III and (gently) make fun of you.

  3. Erin beat me to it. I was lost for a bit, and planning to answer "Sheep May Safely Graze" for everything.

  4. I was going to post "You have lost your ever-lovin' mind" but then I saw that first girl's comment and realized that the answer really wasn't that hard and I'm the one with a few screws loose this morning. Ahh, well. Merry Xmas.

  5. I'm going with Jingle Bell Rock too.

    Love the creativity. I'll refrain from making fun of you... :)

  6. Hey everybody, this is all the proof you need that you should allow Anonymous commenting. Because sometimes Anonymous is really SMART.

    ErinH--the commenter formally known as Anonymous, please send your snail addy to me at

    The rest of you keep trying!

  7. Seriously, I cannot think of any songs with cat toys (or whatever those are) in the title.


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