Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong bloggers

I don't know why, but I steadfastly refuse to become upset about the fire in our condo. I've had several people comment on how calmly I'm taking it, but I'm still so grateful that no one was there that night.

I suppose it helps that it was a second home and didn't have a whole lot in it that really matters to me. And what did matter was little things like a Mother's Day card my son made for me when he was in kindergarten.

But anyway, we knew we had to head downtown to the condo today to meet with the contractor who's handling the restoration. What a fun birthday for Mr. Buxom! (I came thisclose to asking the bakery to put little fire engines on his birthday cake--but I decided against it in the off chance that he might not find the idea side-splittingly hilarious.)

The first thing we needed to do was figure out what we wanted cleaned and what we thought we should just pitch. The limitations being the amount of insurance money we'll be getting (and it's not enough, so check your policies, people!) and the practicality of cleaning things like sofa cushions and pillows that have been steeped in smoke for over a week.

The to-be-cleaned stuff includes:

all of the dishes
pots and pans
two lamps
the midcentury modern china cabinet I thrifted
the rummage sale chair upholstered in Brunschwig & Fils fabric
the leopard print towels from Pottery Barn
my son's bunk bed frame
my daughter's twin bed frame
five occasional tables
the liquor.

The to-be-pitched stuff:

two rooms of wall-to-wall carpeting
all the area rugs except for the one in the living room
the window treatments
all of the upholstered furniture except for the rummage sale chair
the dining room table and chairs
the Murphy bed in my daughter's room
our bedframe and upholstered headboard
all of the mattresses
all of the pillows
all bedding
the books
the televisions
the digital keyboard
all the small kitchen appliances
the wireless internet equipment
all cosmetics and toiletries
possibly the refrigerator
the food

Notice that we're throwing out the food and keeping the liquor.

Priorities, people!

(Want to cheer up Mr. Buxom? Leave him a birthday comment.)


  1. Happy Happy, Mr. Buxom! I hope the second half of your birthday is MUCH happier than the first half!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Buxom. And let's all be thankful that you are all safe and together.

    even if you do smell like smoke.


  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. B! As a point of reference, how does one clean liquor? Other than, you know, with one's liver.

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Buxom!

    Yes, do keep the liquor. We may need to come to the 'burbs and drink it.

    Here's hoping that the chair survives. I love that chair.

  5. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the fire. I'm so glad you have a clear enough head to save the booze.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Buxom!! (how wrong is it that spell check wanted to correct buxom to nixon?) I hope the only fires you battle today are on your cake!

    Mrs Buxom - see you in February?

  6. Poppy you rock and rule and Mr Buxom, sigh is the ultimate stud muffin of choice, so strong and always there for the Mrs. You both are the luckiest folks, the way you recognize its all just replaceable stuff. So cool and admirable.
    Happy Birthday Mr. B, lucky guy!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggy hubbies!

    (Insert "smoking hot" reference here.)

  8. Dear Mr. Buxom,

    Happy Birthday! Clean the liquor and keep the cannoli.

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Buxom! Not a fun way to spend your day but look at it this way, at least you didn't land on the list of things to toss out. :)

    Have a great one, and I'm so glad everyone is safe!

  10. Ps: Poppy, I hope the chair you are talking about is the one that matches that chair I have in my house that I sent you the picture of...I love that chair!

  11. I definitely would have gone with the fire engines.

    And you had a Murphy bed in the apartment? How cool is that!

  12. I've re-read the post about the fire several times, and every time it gives me chills.

    Happy birthday to Mr. Buxom, and belated HB to you as well! And may 2010 be slightly less.....exciting....for you both.

  13. You've told Mr. Buxom I have a wee crush on him, haven't you?
    Well, now you can kiss him for me for his birthday.

    Oh, my Poppy, I just know the condo will be as good as new in no time.



  14. Happy Birthday, Mr. B! The fire engines would have made me chuckle.

  15. A very happy birthday to TSMYM! Fire truck cake -- snort!

    (So glad, again, that you all are okay. But I weep for the thrown-out books.)

  16. Happy birthday, Mr. Buxom. Hope you took the liquor you were able to save from the condo and celebrate appropriately.

  17. I must admit I would have gone for the firestrucks as well.
    Buon Compleanno Mr. Buxom, I heard from a Bird you are a lovely interesting person, and it couldn't have been either than that if you married this clever girl here.
    Enjoy the saved booze, celebrate life and love! And Christmas too, while you're at it.

  18. Happy happy birthday Mr. Buxom! Enjoy the liquor!

    My in-laws had a house fire. They found some stuff that cleans up that smoke like a miracle. So don't toss some of that stuff (like the fridge) just yet. Unless you don't really want to put in the elbow grease. I'll ask my MIL today what it was and email you.

  19. Oh, Happy Birthday, Mr. Buxom! It is certainly a great day to appreciate life!

    wow--that is A LOT of things to be pitched. yikes. and just sad. fire is just sad.

    out of curiosity/good to know so i can up my insurance--is there a % under-insured you feel you were/are? at this point are you more familiar with how to best estimate the amount of coverage one needs? i am feeling very under-insured now. do you have tips?


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