Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day Twelve--the OMG I've actually rejoined Weight Watchers edition

Hey, everybody! I'm fat again.

And with a BlissDom in February, a college reunion in May, and BlogHer in July, I need to get ready to deal with my public. And that means joining the gym and starting the diet.

The thing is, I'm re-joining a gym I used to go to about 10 years ago. And Weight Watchers? Wasn't it just two years ago I lost almost 20 pounds doing that?

I'm like the new Alfred E. Neuman: What me, yo-yo? God, I'm such a cliché. I feel so sheepish. Sheepish and hungry.

I'm a cliché who's lightheaded from hunger, so I'd better get on with the contest before I faint dead away.

Because it's the final day of the contest. The first person to figure out what popular Christmas song is illustrated with the following record album covers wins a Mamarazzi t-shirt.

I just hope the sound of my stomach rumbling doesn't prevent you from concentrating, that's all.


  1. No idea...but I'm pretty sure that "The Magic of Christmas" is one of the albums I grew up listening to.

  2. I have no clue, but I can sympathize with how heavy the holidays leave me, too.

  3. Darkfairymomma is correct!

    (Violet, The Magic of Christmas is my source for the word Nosed, which doesn't seem to do enough honor to your childhood memories.)

    GreenGirl: I'm sure the Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar that Santa brought me did me no favors, but I really think the main culprits here are 1. sitting on my ass, and 2. sitting on my ass drinking wine.

  4. i was not reading blogs over the holidays so i missed it. but this was great! i got some of them, but since i didn't have to try too hard since someone had already guessed the right title, i didn't have much incentive.

  5. I never get these. Way to make me feel bad, Poppy. Hey! I'm fat, too. But I'm doing The Shred. Which is killing me. So, yeah. Bad mood. Good luck to you, though!

  6. Yay! I usually get to these posts after someone else has already answered so I'm excited that I got to it first :) I've been tackling the Shred as well, although I think it's tackling me more *hmph*


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