Saturday, January 09, 2010


~drinking a cup of this

which tastes vaguely like cologne.

~wishing I were having dinner tonight at blackbird's. Eleanor will be there. I predict jollity. And molten chocolate cake.

~looking forward to receiving these

and proud that I blogged about them on my all-but-moribund shopping blog. Because I thought it was time to blog about stuff again. (But be of good cheer! I mean stuff as in "loot," not stuff as in "my inner turmoil.")

~glad my husband is cooking dinner tonight. He might not be blackbird's K, but I'm not going to argue with New York strip steak.

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  1. I was hoping to fidn some intersting facts from last night's dinner chez Bb's but no word yet.
    Oh how I wanted to be there too!
    I absolutely loved your 12 days of Blogmas!


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