Friday, March 12, 2010

30 Days to 10 years younger--10 minute tips. Tip 11: Make new friends

I remember my first trip to the magazine rack as a newlywed. After years as a single woman and months of planning a wedding, all of a sudden it felt like there was nothing for me to read. Magazines seemed to be aimed at three kinds of readers: Cosmo girls, aspiring socialites, or parents of young children. It was either sex tips, fall runway fashion, or "can this marriage be saved?"

Where were the magazines with style tips for impoverished graduate students?

That's when I discovered Sassy. Which I was way too old to read. I mean, I was insanely outside of their demographic. But I read it anyway, because it had great take away information.

And this is what I advise you to do, too. Find sources of information that are outside of your comfort zone.

I look for inspiration everywhere, and you should, too. Look for sources of style that are aimed at women who are older, younger, artier, or more bourgeois than you are. And find your sources in old and new media, please. I mean, of course I'm BFFs with the internet, but think about it:

  • newspapers alert you to sales and get you up to date on local sources for stylish goods in :gasp: brick and mortar stores.
  • magazines have big beautiful pages--and you don't have to wait for them to load.
  • books pack a ton of information into a relatively small amount of space, and the best ones provide invaluable information (I'll be doing book reviews on this blog, as soon as this series is over.)

All of them tend to be more thought out, more reasoned, more deftly written, and less hey-look-something-shiny than web sites and blogs. Even this one.

So that's why I subscribe to a bunch of magazines--including Teen Vogue, which seems to be the closest I can get to my beloved Sassy. I also pick up foreign editions of Vogue. It doesn't matter that I can't buy the stuff they show. My goal is to wake up my eyes, and reading a magazine out of my demographic and comfort zone is a great way to do it.


  1. Good idea! Do they still make Tiger Beat? ;-)

    And wow, that's Miley on the cover there? She looks GREAT! Much better than usual actually.


  2. I knew I liked you for more than the reasons I already like you. Our library sells donated magazines and I'm always buying things like Spanish People, or Essence (because of the cover story).

    AND I LOVED SASSY. I was the first of my friends to discover it. I was sad when it first went downhill and then went away. But for a while, it was the best magazine, EVER.


  3. Fun post! It's good to open your eyes to all aspects of life. :D

  4. Sassy = best magazine ever.

  5. Foreign magazines KILL me - there's always stuff I want...then I find myself thinking *who do I know in Australia?*

  6. You mean I have to stop looking at the home/garden section? But, but...oh, okay. *whimper*


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