Monday, March 29, 2010

30 Days to 10 years younger--10 minute tips. Tip 25: Break some rules

I pulled myself out of a huge style rut when I realized what bothered me about Lucky magazine.

It wasn't the non-stop shopping they were advocating. OK, I'm not as shopping-crazed as their editorial staff, but who is? And I'm a big girl. I can deal with consumer-overload.

No, I resented Lucky because it made me feel old and out of it. I didn't "get" the outfits. I thought they were idiotic-looking.

The thing is, the people at Lucky break every rule I ever learned. And if you're as old as I am, you're old enough to have learned a lot of fashion rules. Remember matching shoes and pocketbooks? Or no patent leather during the winter?

Well, guess what? Young women don't know these rules. And if they do, they break them.

Following the rules is correct. It's tasteful. But it's going to date you. Here you are, fussing because you're in a rush and you have to carry a tan messenger bag with your black sandals. As far as a 20-something is concerned, you might as well be refusing to leave the house without your hat and gloves.

It's time to get ready to break some rules. So let's go all Diana Vreeland for once ... why don't you ...

mix brown and black?

Kasmira of What I Wore Today

or navy and black?

Wear white shoes before Memorial Day?

Wear a "Texas tuxedo?"

Image @ Coutorture

Or tights with open toed shoes?

Image courtesy of Amy Salinger @ Sassnstyle

Socks with sandals?

Metallics during the day?

Sequins and metallics during the day?

Nubby of Nubbytwiglet

or a three-inch bright green rhinestone half-gecko, half-giraffe brooch?

while you write an entry for your blog?

(I actually don't have the half-giraffe/half-gecko pin. But I have the black rhinestone octopus bracelet. And I'm wearing it right now. With jeans. Because I'm a rebel.)


  1. Poppy, my theory is that a lot of those rules were originally class related, markers, if you will. And as such, no longer have much validity. That said, the rule against head to toe denim is just good sense:).

  2. I'm down with all of these except the tights/socks with sandals/open-toed shoes. I just think it looks wrong.

  3. I think wearing socks with sandals are cute, and I would love to do it. Especially I don't have nice feet, always drat wearing sandals in summer. But I am not sure I am brave enough to take that step.

  4. Erm, that is NOT a Texas tuxedo, quoth the Texan. But whatever you call it, I would PAY MONEY to see you wear head-to-toe faded denim. CASH MONEY.

  5. Oh, holy crap, I'm OLD. Most of these revolt me, although I do like the navy and black. That combo has always looked chic to me. Never, ever, ever, on the Texas tuxedo or socks with sandals for this girl.

  6. No socks with sandals. Never. All wrong. And frankly, any time I wear anything navy it ends up looking like a uniform on me.
    And NO rompers. EVER.

  7. I'm sorry, but a lot of the stuff in Lucky looks like ass to me because it looks so thrown together, with no regard for what's flattering.

    I agree with LPC about many of the old fashion caveats being class markers; others seem to have survived for aesthetic reasons. The one about patent leather, for instance, was new to me and seems rather arbitrary; tights with open shoes just looks bad and reminds me of my mother's friends who were Ladies Of A Certain Age and condemned to wear 'supportive' leg/footwear.

  8. The nuns in my school wore navy and black. I wouldn't get caught dead in it.

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  10. I've worn socks with sandals [and not always matching ones] practically all my life and my nieces tease me for being "old ladyish". Hell with 'em. It keeps you from getting blisters.

  11. Lord that jeans combo is AWFUL. And who can pull off socks with sandals other than giraffe legged models, I ask you? No one, that is.

  12. Poppy, you inspire me. Toady I am going thrifting. For a jacket or top that sticks out like a sore thumb. And I LOVE that pin!

  13. Tights/socks/sandals/open toes!!!!

    I gulped the first time I did it!
    My grandma rolled over in her grave, but I am DOING IT - and it looks pretty neat!

  14. oh AND, I heart navy and black...

  15. You know in Texas we call that a Canadian Tuxedo.

  16. Texas Tuxedo. Snort.

    I'll never get the socks/sandals or the tights/opened toe shoes myself, but I kinda like that there are people who pull it off well.

  17. I was feeling all hip with the brown and black, black and navy... then it all came to a crashing halt for me. Not sure I can do any of the others.

    ps - You should post a picture of your bracelet.

  18. This is why so many that are over say 30 are walking around looking so outdated. If someone over 40 tried SOME of these things those under 30 would say - She looks like she's trying too hard. Yet if we go by the rules we grew up with we're outdated. So instead I go to a store and end up walking out because I don't know where to fit in!

  19. Dear P found you wonderful entertaining and informative blog after you posted on my dear friend Faux Fuchsia’s blog. P we met many years ago on another forum about fashion but sadly we had to go over to yahoo when "She who must not be named" infiltrated and destroyed that forum. I have fond memories of you AJ, Audrey and many others.
    Kate in OZ

  20. Down with the rules!!
    Thanks for encouraging us all to step outside of the box. It sure is fun out here...

  21. Whoa - I was surprised to see my picture here! I just added you to my google reader and was scrolling along and...BAM!

    What pisses me off about lucky is that all the "real career women" they feature are under 30. I like the outfits; it's the people I find irritating.


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